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Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Icatch Investigative Consultants offer a friendly professional and most importantly a discreet, private investigation service both on a local and  a national scale across South Africa as well as abroad if required.

We are able to offer private detective services 24 hours a day 7 days a week and feel that it is important that you are able to speak with us in person whenever you call and not resort to leaving messages on answer phones.

In your initial private investigation enquiry we will not ask you for any personal details and will endeavour to give you an indication as to whether any of our services are right for you. It is then up to you whether you wish to meet one of our local private detectives at a neutral location of your choice where we can take more detailed information about the investigation and explain how we can help and the costs involved.

Observing and documenting through the use of video tape and other documentary evidence can play a major role in the investigation of insurance fraud, theft and matrimonial issues. We believe that competent, well planned, and well executed surveillance is vital when gathering evidence during an investigation, especially when a court proceeding is required.

To ensure this, all our highly trained and experienced operatives use state of the art surveillance equipment to assist during any situation.

CALL TODAY FOR A FREE, NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION. An initial consultation implies no commitment to proceed and our discretion is assured.

Informal meeting with clients

Our meeting will be in the form of an informal chat and does not commit you to using our services. If at any time during or after the meeting you wish to employ us, then we will be happy to oblige but will not contact you again unless given express permission to do so.

We are very aware that most people are very nervous when talking with a private investigator and it can be a big decision to make that first call. For this reason we always offer a friendly and sympathetic ear. We will always move at the speed that the client is comfortable with and at all times provide a clear explanation of how we might assist and the costs involved.

Please note that we have made every effort not to overload you with unnecessary information on this website. Your questions can be answered in depth by making a free discreet telephone call.


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